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Dr. Debasish Dutta has never failed to help patients to the best. For an ideal treatment, there is a need for undergoing thorough diagnosis. Since he has knowledge about it, the Subhashish Diagnosis is, therefore, present to offer the best diagnostic service. Incorporating some of the advanced medical equipment to make a thorough check of the patients, Subhasish Diagnostic ensures being the one place where you can undertake the tests. Dr. Debasish Dutta will be guiding you through. We have the top equipment that gives me get an eye on your internal system and offers the right medication. Diagnosis helps to cure in the early stage and help you to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Endoscopy is the procedure where it involves the insertion of a flexible long tube down from the throat. This tube will be taken into the esophagus which can be uncomfortable. The tube consists of a tiny camera that helps the doctor to take a look at the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum.

  • Since it is a long procedure, we will take an entire day. You can expect to get the reports on the next day morning.

  • Not all diagnoses hurt, but endoscopy might make you feel uncomfortable because of the tube insertion from your throat. It might make you feel like throwing up. However, it does not persist as once the diagnosis is done, you will not feel uncomfortable.

  • Yes, you will be constantly guided by Dr. Debasish Dutta.


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