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Blood(Routine, Spl – All Parameters), Urine, Stool, Other body fluids, FNAC, Biopsy

Pathology is another portion of the medical science which works with the only agenda of finding the origin, cause, and also the nature of the disease. This involves examining the organs, tissues, autopsies, and body fluids to diagnose and study the disease. Dr. Debasish Dutta has the experience to take the test and finding the disease. Besides, his corrective treatment by offering the right medication can become helpful for patients. For any type of pathology, you can surely get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are three different types of pathology which comprises of the clinical pathology molecular pathology and anatomical pathology. We offer comprehensive pathology for the patients so that they can go ahead to taking the right treatment.

  • Yes, we understand the need of the present moment and to avoid crowd, therefore, we are available to collect sample from your home.

  • You can get the reports on the very next day. However, we will let you know about it through a text message.


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